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Orange Cyberdefense Live! 2023 Replays

Thank you for attending Orange Cyberdefense Live 2023!

Below you will find presentations from the event, please do not share the presentations. We hope to see you again next year!

Intelligence-led security 

Intelligence is what makes the difference: understanding the threat landscape and cyber climate is the key to making the right investments!


Security Maturity for All Ages

Anecdotally, the amalgamation of offensive and defensive security is the fastest way to make progress towards an effective and mature cyber security capability. When red meets blue, understanding becomes increasingly true. The problem is, these teams don't naturally work together. Rather, there is often some animosity between the two resulting in suboptimal outcomes. In this talk we'll explore the benefits of purple teaming and how it can effectively improve your cyber security posture, no matter your current “age”.

Incident response – war stories and lessons learned

We investigate 300+ incidents every year. We have some stories to tell you… with good and bad experiences.


People centric approach to Security

Modern attackers have pivoted to targeting people. A simple internet search can tell them all they need to know about who has access to the system or data they are targeting. In addition, the insider threat is greater than it ever was with 40% of Swedish employees admitting to taking corporate data to their next role.

Attend Proofpoint keynote to learn how external criminals and insider threats continue to reach new levels of success and how you can defend against data loss while driving down operational complexity.

Threat landscape and cyber climate

Intelligence is what makes the difference: understanding the threat landscape and cyber climate is the key to making the right investments!


4 Tracks for deep dive


Mastering the art of offensive and defensive security

As one of Black Hat briefing’s longstanding training partners, our courses have taught thousands of students about the art of offensive and defensive approaches.

If you want to understand how criminals run hacking campaigns, and emulate them, this session is for you.


Detection capabilities – what does it mean in the real world

There is no best type of threat detection. Each category can support different requirements and approaches depending on the business need.

As your attack surface increases, you need the combination best suited to your needs.

We present some best practices straight from the experiences of our CyberSOC.



Zero Trust Security model – paradigm shift

ZeroTrust: “Never trust, alwaysverify” – is the guiding principle in the Zero Trust architecture approach.

SASE changes the future of network security. Learn why you need a true cloud-native SASE architecture.

Microsegmentation: Learn why this is an emerging security best practice.


Ahead of the risks - with strategic security

Join this strategic round table session led by our Governance Risk and Compliance Manager and a Senior Advisor from Radar

Discuss how geopolitics affects us and how to assess the risks, improve your defences, and plan your cyberattack response.

In this session we have limited seats, to be able to discuss and collaborate around the specific topics.




Kaja Narum
Senior Vice President - Global Service Line, Orange Cyberdefense


Johan Ström
Solution Artchitect, Orange Cyberdefense

Lars Bornholm
CTO, Orange Cyberdefense

Björn Sverre Svendsen
Nordic Team Lead, Orange Cyberdefense Norway

Andreas Danemar
MSS Presales Specialist, Orange Cyberdefense

Jonas Hansson
CIO, Axis Communications

Lars-Göran Christiansson
Solution Architect, Orange Cyberdefense

Leon Jacobs
SensePost Chief Technology Officer Assessments, Orange Cyberdefense

Johan Nelén
CSO, Orange Cyberdefense

Freddie Rinderud
Senior Advisor, Radar

Diana Selck-Paulsson
Lead Security Researcher CyberSOC

Adenike Cosgrove 
VP Marketing EMEA Proofpoint


Incident Response Hotline

Facing cyber incidents right now?

Contact our 24/7/365 world wide service incident response hotline.