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Reboot 2024
Reboot 2024

Come and join us on 19 September 2024 at the Millennium Crissier.

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Hello Switzerland!
Hello Switzerland!

Embark with us on a broader, smarter, and safer way to success.

SCRT and Telsys become Orange Cyberdefense Switzerland.

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Security Navigator 2024
Security Navigator 2024

Your leading source of cybersecurity information, 2024 edition.

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Build a safer digital society
Build a safer digital society

We are the leading ​security services provider,​ supporting your business globally​. Our international reach includes Europe, the Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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Reboot 2024

Hello Switzerland!

Security Navigator 2024

Build a safer digital society

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SCRT and Telsys become Orange Cyberdefense Switzerland

Who we are and what we do

Orange Cyberdefense is the expert cybersecurity business unit of the Orange Group, providing consulting, solutions and services to organizations around the globe. As Europe’s go-to security provider, we strive to protect freedom and build a safer digital society.

We are threat research, intelligence-driven, offering unparalleled access to current and emerging threats. With a 25+ year track record in information security, 250+ researchers & analysts and 18 SOCs distributed across the world and sales and services support in 160 countries, we can offer global protection with local expertise and support our customers throughout the entire threat lifecycle.

We also embed security into Orange Business solutions for multinationals worldwide.

SCRT and Telsys become Orange Cyberdefense Switzerland

Our long-standing vocation at SCRT and Telsys is fully in line with Orange Cyberdefense's plans to become the Swiss leader in cybersecurity and secure infrastructure.

Our DNA will therefore not change. We are two specialists with extensive expertise covering all cybersecurity topics relating to infrastructure, the network, data centers and the cloud; flexibility to adapt to the needs of all customers, of all sizes (including the smallest); Swiss roots and teams locally present in Switzerland, close to customers.

What’s more, our reputation and proven expertise at SCRT in terms of cybersecurity, ranging from pentesting to managed services, including incident response and GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliance) are assets that will allow us to offer the best to Swiss companies.

Finally, while the move to the cloud continues to transform our customers' IT ecosystems, our strong cloud expertise at Telsys is a major and essential asset in providing relevant cloud security services to our customers.

Conversely, the skills and strong experience gained since the creation of Orange Cyberdefense - which is today the European leader in security services - ensure that all Telsys services have a high level of security by design, a key differentiating factor on the market.

We support you throughout the entire threat lifecycle



Threat intelligence, dark web surveillance of threat actors and digital assets.



Assessments, ethical hacking and footprinting.



Security for networks, applications & data, endpoint protection, Identity & access management, vulnerability management.



Managed threat detection (endpoint, logs & network), 24/7 CyberSoc service, threat intelligence.



Rapid incident response, cyber resilience and digital forensics.

Key statistics

25+ years

years track record in information security


rogue sites blocked per year


open day and night all year round

50 billion

logs & events ingested daily by threat detection platforms


employees based around the globe


published papers & presentations at cyber-conferences over the last year


researchers & analysts


Identify threats before they have any business impact

Global protection with local expertise

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How we can help you

We offer you a wide range of consulting, planning, products, implementation and services to help you

  • ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards,
  • reduce business risk through effective threat detection & response,
  • have local support globally (for example in China),
  • decrease time wasted on false alerts and improve response to real incidents,
  • determin real security weaknesses to invest effectively,
  • secure digital assets and brand image,
  • protect industrial environments from cyber threats,
  • master the complexity of multi-cloud security,
  • get a higher security value out of your budget.
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