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Supporting your security needs with the proper cyber technologies and solutions

While a proper security strategy must rely on much more than sole technical solutions, these solutions nevertheless constitute the essential building blocks on which the rest is built.

With a vast technological landscape, it is not always easy to choose the best and most suitable solutions for your needs. Our job is thus to help you not only pick the proper bricks for your technological stack, chosen from our portfolio of trusted partners, but also to ensure the proper coherence and integration of these solutions to address your security needs in a tailored, efficient, and cost-effective manner

Partners in Technology

We only work with selected partners and are constantly on the lookout for innovation, inventiveness and new approaches. 
We combine and integrate tools to create tailored solutions for our customers using an approach that is based on offering the optimal selection of leading market products. 
Our customers can rely on a wide range of solutions – all from a single source. 

Security solutions


Traditional firewalls have been the cornerstone of network security since the dawn of the Internet. Today’s application and threat landscape makes traditional port- or packet-based firewalls ineffective for protecting corporate networks and sensitive data. Today’s communication is driven by applications and visibility as well as control needs to be provided at that level. While this brings several advantages it also introduces new threats and risks of data leaks and security breaches.

Next generation firewalls are made to address these new risks. They consolidate powerful security capabilities, but also exacerbates the need for expert management, monitoring and configuration. Our teams provide strong expertise allowing our customers to have access to tailored security solutions based on market-leading technologies, with around-the-clock support to strengthen the security of their infrastructures.

SASE: Secure Access Service Edge

In today’s online landscape, users need to securely access data from anywhere, regardless of where it is hosted at any time and from any device. But how can you take advantage of the IT changes and usages to improve security and cost efficiency? SASE is a new approach that addresses this challenge and redefines the traditional perimeter: security and network functions are centralized in a close-to-the-user cloud (also known as the edge), allowing simplification and automation.


In today’s digital world, the firewall-based perimeter protection we have trusted for so long is no longer sufficient. Data and applications are spread across multiple environments—people, applications, and “things” access this data and applications from everywhere. Identity has thus become critical in cybersecurity. Only trusted users with the right credentials should be granted access to the relevant resources. Identity is the new perimeter.

Our identity and access management includes identity governance, contextualization, user behaviour analytics, and privileged account security. Privileged accounts should get extra care, ensuring that those are only used for authorized activity by the proper users.


A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system is designed to provide visibility into large-scale and heterogeneous corporate IT infrastructures, enabling companies to detect and respond to security incidents proactively. By correlating data from various sources, such as logs, network traffic, and endpoint activities, SIEM solutions can identify patterns and anomalies related to malicious activities. This empowers your security team to swiftly respond to incidents, reducing the risk of data breaches. Our teams will help you design and deploy a tailored SIEM aligned with the needs and constraints of the challenging security environments in which modern organizations evolve.


Threat evolution versus threat detection has been a continuing back-and-forth battle. What started with blocking static malware using signature-based anti-virus, soon evolved into using next-generation anti-virus, taking more of a machine learning approach as malware authors started to use more advanced polymorphic techniques. But even advanced behavioural detection techniques do not catch everything. As such, endpoint detection and response solutions became more popular in the market. And yet not only endpoints are to be considered. 

For the most complete visibility to power threat detection, integrated security data from endpoints, network traffic, and other selected security sources (such as cloud and identity) can give you a fast path towards a solid detection and response strategy.

Entrusting that extended detection and response (XDR) data to an experienced Managed Detection and Response provider such as Orange Cyberdefense gives you the peace of mind of having good coverage and a trusted partner with eyes on screen 24×7.

Vulnerability Management

Without knowing where vulnerabilities exist, organisations leave themselves open to multiple attack vectors and cannot prioritise resources or investment in the areas that attackers find the simplest to exploit. In 2022, more than 22 vulnerabilities with a CVE reference were published daily*.

Good vulnerability management does not mean being fast enough to fix all vulnerabilities. Rather, it is about assessing the real risk of each vulnerability, then prioritizing them to fix the most significant vulnerabilities and thus minimize the company's attack surface.

Enterprise data and threat intelligence must be correlated and automated to this end. This is essential to allow internal teams to focus on the remediation of vulnerabilities, prioritized a risk score and let the business focus on the real organizational risk.


Other security solutions:

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