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Benefit from the leading cyber defenders in the industry, equipped with top-notch intelligence and tools.

In today's digital society, companies of all sizes are exposed to a constantly evolving threat landscape, often involving well-equipped and organized threat actors. Protecting your organization’s information assets and infrastructures is thus a critical challenge, requiring dedicated and trained people. 

To address this challenge, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity-managed services designed to safeguard your organization against cyber threats while allowing your teams to focus on their core business. We cover the full scope of the cybersecurity threat lifecycle: Anticipation, Identification, Protection, Detection and Response. 

Microsoft 365 Defender

As Microsoft 365 Defender is becoming the most common security solution in the world, businesses struggle to find expertise to manage it.

Indeed, consolidation does not eliminate complexity.

In these conditions, it is vital for customers to get the most out of their investment in Microsoft 365 Defender by fully using it according to best practices and keeping the pace with the frequency of new features.

SASE: Secure Access Service Edge

Users need to securely access data from anywhere, wherever it is hosted at any time and from any device. But how can you take advantage of the IT changes and usages to improve security and cost efficiency?

SASE is a new approach that addresses this challenge and redefines the traditional perimeter: security and network functions are centralized in a close-to-the-user cloud (also known as the edge), allowing simplification and automation.

Managed Firewall

Next generation firewalls consolidate many powerful security capabilities, but this also exacerbates their need for expert management, monitoring and configuration. Our service provides access to essential Firewall expertise, with around-the-clock support that strengthens security, makes the most of market-leading technologies and frees staff to prioritise other business goals.

Managed DDoS Protection

Any organization relying on its online presence or public-facing infrastructure must defend against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which can interrupt business-critical services and act as a smokescreen for other cyber attacks.

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