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Managed Threat Detection [network]

Why Network Detection and Response?

Discover our Managed Threat Detection [network] service

Many customers base their threat detection only on logs or on endpoint data. The challenge with this approach is that not everything is logged, and not all endpoints can run detection agents. Or indeed, there may be third-party endpoints not owned by your organization. Network-based threat detection provides an optimal way to get the full view of threats traversing the network without the blind spots caused by machines without endpoint sensors or missing log data.

To address these challenges, Orange Cyberdefense offers a Managed Service that leverages Machine Learning for detecting threats based on network traffic.

The Managed Threat Detection [Network] service can be complemented with a Managed Threat Response and Threat Hunting services. The added benefit of Managed Threat Response is that this will give our experienced CyberSOC analysts the ability to rapidly isolate the detected threats for you and limit the impact of the breach.

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