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Managed Threat Detection [log]

To detect and mitigate cloud-related attacks, your processes and technologies need to evolve

Identify the real threats without drowning Security Teams in a sea of alerts

Cyber-attacks have become more numerous, more sophisticated and more damaging. This trend is more amplified as the attack surface expands with more data migrating to the cloud.

Threat detection and response capabilities are now a “must have”, but many organizations lack the skills and resources to build and maintain it.

Every organisation is different. Questions of scale, IT needs and business type will all play a part in determining your approach to building Threat Detection and Response capabilities.

One approach is to use SIEM (security information and event management) solutions to aggregate data from multiple sources and use data analytics to identify the most probable threats.

Stop threats with a cloud-native SIEM adapted to your new business needs.

Download our datasheet on Managed Threat Detection [log] for Microsoft Sentinel.


Discover Managed Threat Detection [log]

End-to-end visibility, advanced detection and prioritized alerts to make the right choices

  • Continuous incident triage, analysis and prioritization by our Security Analysts
  • Integration of Orange Cyberdefense’s unique Threat Intelligence Datalake
  • Real-time incident analysis
  • Cyber threat hunting
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Key benefits

Complete detection visibility

Gain insight across internal, cloud and SaaS environments to detect cybersecurity threats.

Intelligence-led security

We invest heavily in research and development to detect and respond to the latest tactics, techniques and procedures.

Detection engineering

A broad range of active response options are available 24x7 to suit your security operations needs.

Active Response

we use innovative techniques to ensure that incidents are investigated in context and noise is reduced as much as possible.

Incident Response Hotline

Facing cyber incidents right now?

Contact our 24/7/365 world wide service incident response hotline.