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Managed Cybercrime Monitoring

Taking Managed Detection and Response beyond the enterprise perimeter

Protecting your brand and intellectual property in the digital world is paramount. Cybercrime is big business and in 2021 it is expected to inflict 6 trillion US dollars in damages globally.

Brand abuse by malevolent actors is at an epidemic level in the digital world, destroying reputations and denting bottom lines. The impact can be enormous, from legal action and regulatory fines to damaged customer loyalty. The techniques used by attackers change as fast as the attack landscape and most threats come from organized and sophisticated cybercriminal networks with global reach.

Orange Cyberdefense’s Managed Cybercrime Monitoring services extend managed detection and response capabilities outside your organization’s perimeter by continuously monitoring the internet, deep and dark web for digital fraud, brand exploitation, and data leaks.

Addressing cybercrime across a number of different attack surfaces and use cases, we allow you to introduce digital risk management as a business function without the huge outlays it would otherwise require.

A modular approach

For a long time, securing our digital footprint and the inherent risk it carries has been too costly, even with the savings made by pushing that capability out to a trusted Managed Detection and Response specialist such as Orange Cyberdefense.

The Managed Cybercrime Monitoring service can be consumed in a modular fashion, allowing you to build up your capability depending on your needs now, but also allowing for future expansion.

All of this is presented in our Threat Defense Center portal so that you can easily view, filter and report on the findings of the service. You can also submit additional assets when new digital assets are created or discovered.

Your benefits

Discover our Managed Cybercrime Monitoring solutions


Our mix of CERT-developed tools and specialist digital risk management platforms gives you broad and deep coverage, delivered in a modular subscription.


Our service is designed to complement broader security operations and as part of our Intelligence-Led approach, feeds into a broader threat intelligence ecosystem​.


Get access to multi-skilled, multi-language cybercrime experts who work hard to understand your business context and apply it to deliver relevant, targeted and actionable intelligence back to you​.

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Our connections to the ISP community, hosting providers and global law enforcement agencies allow us to mitigate threats such as phishing, domain squatting and brand abuse in an efficient manner​.

Brand protection

Managed Cybercrime Monitoring [brand]

From domains and websites to social media and mobile apps, your digital presence is an attractive attack surface for cybercriminals.

The [brand] service consists of monitoring web, mobile and social channels to identify any brand exploitation, social media impersonation, malicious or fraudulent mobile apps, and defacement of legitimate websites.



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Data exposure

Managed Cybercrime Monitoring [data]

Your data is valuable – from user credentials, through to your most confidential intellectual property.  Data exposure and data theft are more common than ever​.

The [data] service consists of proactive identification of potential data exposure (whether accidental or malicious) across diverse sources, from paste sites and code repositories through to dark web marketplaces and underground forums.


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Fraud detection

Managed Cybercrime Monitoring [fraud]

The service consists of surveillance of fraudulent activity.  Focusing on phishing sites and domain impersonation, as well as specialized areas such as credit card fraud monitoring.

On average we take down nearly 20,000 malicious websites/domains each year. It takes a median time of around four hours to close a fraudulent site so we are efficient too. It takes experience, partnerships and persistence but our experts make it happen!


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Phishing Email Analysis as a Service

Managed Cybercrime Monitoring [email]

Alongside the more covert operations and previously uncovered data exposure incidents that Managed Cybercrime Monitoring seeks to address as a service, comes the cybercrime community’s long-standing weapon of choice – email phishing attacks. Email-borne attacks continue to be a prominent and ever-adapting tactic of cybercriminals, and Business Executive Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC) have consistently been responsible for the biggest overall financial losses related to cybercrime.

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Case study: Dutch Financial Services Giant​


  • Shield against the growing challenge of APTs​
  • Safeguard customers against fraud​


  • Domain name monitoring and takedown​
  • Phishing detection and neutralization ​
  • End-to-end service via alliances with Verisign, NeuLevel, ICANN, Phishtank, Phishing Initiative and ISPs​


  • Prompt action in case of cyber fraud or brand misuse​
  • Active brand reputation and digital asset protection​

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