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Cloud is a game changer for your business

The Cloud has fundamentally reshaped how we store, manage, and harness data. In today's fast-evolving tech landscape, its adoption has become a crucial step for ensuring enterprise growth and agility. This process requires deep understanding of existing applications, accurate assessment of workload requirements, and careful planning of migration and transformation strategies. Our Cloud service provides a comprehensive range of solutions, from initial auditing and Cloud compatibility analysis to post-migration management, easing your transition to the Cloud. 

As a partner of the three main cloud service providers, Azure, AWS, and GCP, we are ideally positioned to assist you in deploying and maximizing this technology. 

Cloud Architecture

Our aim with Cloud architecture is to create an infrastructure tailored to your specific needs in terms of performance, scalability, and availability. We determine the most suitable Cloud service provider for your needs, considering instance types, storage options, availability zones, pricing plans, and required capacity. Beyond this, we outline a target network infrastructure to optimize interaction among services, instances, and dependencies. 

Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation is an adaptation and modernization process for your applications and infrastructure to fully leverage the Cloud. We use the 7R rule to ascertain the best strategy for each application: Refactor, Replatform, Repurchase, Rehost, Retire, Relocate, or Retain. We then design a detailed migration plan, including a testing and validation plan, to ensure a seamless transition to the Cloud. 

Cloud Migration

Migrating to the Cloud is a complex task demanding careful management. We handle workload migration and its transformation if needed, as well as creating and configuring the Cloud computing service. Our approach also includes a step-by-step migration plan, coupled with a testing and validation plan, to ensure your applications and data are migrated securely and efficiently. 

IT Modernisation

IT modernisation is a key aspect of Cloud transformation. It involves adopting new technologies and approaches like Infrastructure as Code, containerization, and advanced storage solutions. We provide support and advice for integrating these new solutions into your existing infrastructure. 

Cloud Management

Once migration is completed, we oversee performance monitoring, log analysis, and scaling when necessary. We also provide administrative support for M365, license management, and L1 and L2 support for your instances. Our aim is to ensure your Cloud infrastructure is optimized, secure, and high-performing.

Cloud Security

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Prepare, secure and manage your journey to and business in the cloud

SASE, a new mindset to address your business transformation

Users need to securely access data from anywhere, wherever it is hosted at any time and from any device. But how can you take advantage of the IT changes and usages to improve security and cost efficiency?

SASE is a new approach that addresses this challenge and redefines the traditional perimeter: security and network functions are centralized in a close-to-the-user cloud (also known as the edge), allowing simplification and automation.

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Cloud Native Security Solutions: 

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