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Cloud Security

Efficiency & Security – Make the most of your cloud environment

We offer both ready-made and tailor-made consulting services to help organizations plan and make decisions regarding the security of their cloud-based activities (e.g. strategy, transition, migration, adoption, evaluation of offers, etc.).  

Microsoft 365 Security Audit (Assessment)

Our Microsoft 365 security audit service offers a customizable and holistic approach (with over 180 technical and organizational controls) to assessing your Microsoft 365 setup. It includes three components:   

  • Compliance check: gap analysis of your setup compared with the recommendations of the CIS and internal standards and repositories;  

  • Risk analysis and estimation: assessment of the degree of exposure and vulnerability to a catalog of threat scenarios specially designed for Microsoft 365;  

  • Thematic analyses (deep-dives): in-depth security assessments focusing on selected sensitive issues.  

Microsoft 365 Hardening

The Microsoft 365 hardening service is particularly intended for organizations that do not have the resources or skills to secure their platform internally or through their IT partner.  

Our service provides personalized and iterative support aimed at achieving an adequate level of protection in line with your Organization’s risk appetite. The approach is strongly coupled with the audit service (over 180 controls) and offers more than 80 tactical objectives (e.g. deployment of 2FA/MFA, disabling of legacy protocols, hardening of inbound and outbound messaging, hardening of the MS Teams service, etc.)  

Security audit – Public Cloud (hyperscalers)

The public cloud security audit provides an assessment of the security of the resources deployed by the organization with one or more "hyperscaler" platforms such as AWS (Amazon), Azure (Microsoft), and GCP (Google). The service includes a compliance component with more than 150 tests and controls identified by our specialists and by the community (e.g. CIS Benchmarks).

Incident Response Hotline

Facing cyber incidents right now?

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