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Hello Switzerland!

Embark with us on a broader, smarter, and safer way to success.

Equipped with extraordinary cybersecurity powers

For organizations to succeed, and societies to prosper, security needs to be part of every decision, each initiative and permeating all aspects of your business. Our local teams, experts, analysts and researchers are here to support you – they are our superheroes.

We just powered up our cybersecurity capabilities

This means, we can offer you global protection with more local expertise and support you throughout the entire threat lifecycle. As we have now integrated the Swiss-based SCRT, a leading cybersecurity organization, and Telsys, specialized in management of IT system, we have more local presence to support your digital activities.

Apart from serving you with managed security, managed threat detection & response services, we also build on SCRT and Telsys’ over 30 years of experience and involvement in the Swiss market, strengthening our expertise in the cybersecurity field as well as in ethical hacking.

What we bring to customers in Switzerland and abroad

Global footprint with a European anchorage

You can invest your resources where they have the most impact.

The security of your business in trusted hands

+3,000 multi-disciplined experts close to you.

Threat research and intelligence are part of our DNA

Compliance, protection, detection & response within your easy reach.

How can we help you?

  • Enable your organization with proactive proection and faster response
  • Streamline your security with other IT services
  • Find out your real security weaknesses to invest effectively
  • Managing digital risk and your brand image outside your corporate perimeter
  • Protect industrial environments from cyber threat and enable IT-OT convergence
  • Streamline network security for cloud-centric remote working
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As digitization evolves, so do the cyber threats

The combination of a growing risk and widespread awareness makes the work of cyber security ‘scouts’ - to explore, inform and support - even more critical. Cyber security incident volumes continue to rise, but at a much slower pace. Though this war is not won, there are reasons to believe we are already winning some battles. Notably, the number of ransomware-related incidents decreased in the past year. But challenges remain: SMEs are particularly vulnerable, incidents originating from internal sources are a particular concern in the public sector, the manufacturing industry has the highest victim count, users are often the weakest link and attack volumes and complexity outnumber defenders. Let's navigate the ins and outs of cyberspace with serenity, responsibility, and awareness.

We, members of the cyber community, businesses, decision makers and general public, have to keep fighting together. We are proud to say, that at Orange Cyberdefense we are building a safer digital society.

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