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Audit & Pentest

Security audits

Ethical hacking is a powerful tool to help companies discover “real-life” vulnerabilities and attack scenarios on their information systems. By simulating actual attacks and leveraging the same tools and techniques as those employed by threat actors, our trained engineers help you identify security issues, assess their actual impact and consequences and, ultimately derive a prioritized remediation plan.

External Audit

Discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your external perimeter by simulating attacks that would be performed by external attackers against your exposed systems, such as Web and Email servers, along with any remote access services.

Internal Audit

Evaluate your security level with respects to a malicious insider, a virally compromised workstation or even temporary access to your network by your partners and consultants.

Applicative Audit

Perform an in-depth analysis of an application by not only assessing its resistance towards unauthenticated attackers, but also towards legitimate users by analysing whether access control mechanisms are properly setup to prevent privilege escalation and unauthorised data access.

Social engineering

Assess your employees' awareness towards online social threats such as spear-phishing and social engineering by simulating these types of attacks in a controlled environment. These tests can take the shape of generic spam emails or more targeted and tailored attacks against your company.

Red Team Audit

By combining social and technical attacks and reducing the general limits imposed on penetration testers, a red team attack is the closest type of attack to current real world threats. This type of attack also provides a realistic way of assessing whether your detection capabilities are up to par and whether you would be able to detecting and responding to a real intrusion.

Audit Purple Team

During a purple team audit, Orange Cyberdefense engineers and your company's blue team work hand-in-hand in order to discover and exploit weaknesses within your infrastructure, all the while analysing whether your detection mechanisms are able to spot the various attempts, whether they are successful or not.


Support and maintenance

Orange Cyberdefense provides assistance services on the whole range of products for which it is a partner.

Securing architectures

We help you design and/or plan your information system in a secure way while taking into account your specific constraints. 

Vulnerability scan

Regularly track vulnerabilities impacting your information system. Our insights allow you to prioritize remediation for critical findings.


Incident Response & Forensics Analysis

A security incident is the source of stressful situations in which the teams of the company concerned must make quick and precise decisions. With IRFA, Orange Cyberdefense supports you by considering the risk of an event and setting up a mechanism to deal with it. We provide the assistance of qualified and specialized engineers in known response times on pre-established conditions.

Mobile devices

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in enterprise environments. If there is a suspicion of hacking or compromise, Orange Cyberdefense can test your devices to assess their integrity and uncover any traces of malicious activity.

Reverse engineering

Thanks to its unique experience, Orange Cyberdefense is able to analyze unknown strains of malware to identify their key elements, such as their behaviour and sometimes encryption keys. Orange Cyberdefense can also put its reverse engineering skills to use to assess the security level of compiled applications, whether they be written for Windows, Linux, Android or iOS.


  • Get management support
  • Identify the objectives of the company
  • Define the ISMS perimeter
  • Establish ISMS policies, procedures and key performance indicators
  • Establish the risk assessment methodology


  • Manage risks and create a treatment plan
  • Implement and use ISMS policies and procedures
  • Allocate resources


  • Monitor the ISMS implementation
  • Monitor KPI
  • Internal Audit
  • Creation of supervision reports


  • Periodic re-evaluation
  • Take corrective and preventive measures

Incident Response Hotline

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