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Managed Threat Detection [xdr]

Why extended detection and response?

Discover our Managed Threat Detection [xdr] service

Threat evolution versus threat detection has been a continuing back and forth battle. What started with blocking static malware using signature-based anti-virus, soon evolved into using next-generation anti-virus. Taking more of a machine learning approach as malware authors started to use more advanced, polymorphic techniques. But even advanced behavioral detection techniques do not catch everything. As such, endpoint detection and response solutions became more popular in the market. And yet not only endpoints are affected. 

For the most complete visibility to power threat detection, integrated security data from endpoints, network traffic and selected security event data from other key log sources (such as cloud and identity) can give you a fast path towards a solid detection and response strategy.

Entrusting that extended detection and response (XDR) data to an experienced Managed Detection and Response provider such as Orange Cyberdefense, gives you the peace of mind that you have good coverage and a trusted partner with eyes on screen 24×7.

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Orange Cyberdefense Managed Threat Detection XDR Table

MDR Buyer's Guide

Detection and response require time, skills, resources, and investment. If you want to get an idea of which is the best option for your organization, try our Managed Detection and Response Buyer’s Guide. The advice will be a good starting point for implementing a managed detection and response service.

Your benefits

Complete visibility on one dashboard

Quick installation and a unified platform for improved protection, detection, and response (XDR).

Save time & costs

CyberSOC teams provide security analysts & platform expertise as a service 24/7.

Added value services

Initial tuning of detection rules, managed threat response and an integration with our threat intelligence datalake.

Integrated response

Restore hosts to a clean state and get over an attack by removing malicious files and fast recovery.

Incident Response Hotline

Facing cyber incidents right now?

Contact our 24/7/365 world wide service incident response hotline.