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What is it like to work at Orange Cyberdefense Sweden?

Let our employees tell you in their own words.

Alice Vaudry

Professional Services consultant

It is important to choose an employer that has a culture that resonates with individual values

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Alice Vaudry

Maxi Reijhell

Account Manager,

Tryggheten och tilliten har gjort att jag vågat utmana mig i min yrkesroll

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Mattias Åberg

Academy Manager

För mig är det viktigt att mitt arbete faktiskt gör skillnad

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Mattias Åberg

Saikrishna Gundeti


An important factor for me, which Orange Cyberdefense supports, is a good work-life balance. I have the control and freedom of managing my time, which of course comes with great responsibility. We support and keep each other accountable which allows me to be flexible and produce high quality of work, and I work hard to keep the trust. It’s a real win/win.

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