Alice Vaudry


“It is important to choose an employer that has a culture that resonates with individual values"

Alice Vaudry is a Professional Services consultant, focusing on Information and Cloud security. This means that she is selected to join customer assignments when they need resources with existing experience in certain areas. At present, she is working on assignments within two separate areas; Microsoft Purview Information Protection which allows organizations to classify and protect their sensitive data, and Cloud Security Posture Management which is a product that can improve compliance and security across multi-cloud environments.

Alice is from a small town in England, called Stratford-upon-Avon – which is famous for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare. As many people do, she moved for love. She was working for an MSSP in London and her Swedish partner was working in Stockholm.
“When the pandemic hit, I was allowed to work from home, so I took the opportunity to travel to Sweden and work remotely. After a few weeks, it became clear that Coronavirus was going to be around for some time, which led to me making the decision to move to Sweden more permanently and start looking for new Stockholm-based jobs.”

Interest in IT

Alice was studying a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science, which included one module on Digital Forensics. It was during the Digital Forensics classes, where she learnt about cryptography, steganography and facial recognition technologies. With a new interest in IT, she soon discovered cyber security and began searching for jobs within the area.
“Luckily, I was able to find a job working with a cybersecurity team at an MSSP, where my interest continued to develop.”

Joining Orange Cyberdefense

Since she was already in a job within the cybersecurity area, she began networking with her contacts and explaining that she was looking for a new role in Stockholm.
“One of my contacts had a colleague in Stockholm who agreed to meet me for coffee and explained that Orange Cyberdefense had some roles available. I had already heard or Orange Cyberdefense when working in London, so I knew about their expertise and European-scale – which led me to apply.”

Important details when choosing an employer

It is important for Alice that an employer takes care of its employees, by providing suitable flexibility, inclusion, and benefits, to ensure that each employee is supported. It is also important for her to know that an employer is invested in individual growth and development, especially as a young professional it helps to know that an employer is willing to support future progression.
“It is important to choose an employer that has a culture that resonates with individual values, for example Orange Cyberdefense has five core values, including trust and respect, which are two values that are important to me as an individual.”

Future plans

Her future plans involve shifting her focus more towards Cloud security and Cloud architecture. She is working together with her direct manager and they have clear communication and discussions around how to make this shift and what steps are needed to get there.
“One of the key steps being education, where Orange Cyberdefense is sponsoring certifications and providing training opportunities.”

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