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Managed Threat Detection [log] Standard

The Problem

The SIEM system is the cyber defense alarm system, but only when it works and is armed does it fulfill its purpose. This requires experts who guarantee the functionality of your SIEM system, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The solution: Managed Threat Detection [log]

Why not let our experts take care of all aspects of your SIEM system and ensure that it is available to you as a powerful means of defense against cyber attacks.

Scope of services

  • Incident Management
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Remote Fault Remedy
  • SIEM monitoring
  • Hardware monitoring (for hardware appliances)
  • OS and application monitoring
  • System function monitoring
  • Log source monitoring
  • Lifecycle management
  • Configuration change management
  • Backup & Restore
  • Content update
  • Software upgrades
  • 8 × 5 or 24 × 7 service

Searching for clues in the data jungle

In the world of big data, countless endpoints, network infrastructure and the web, it is often difficult to filter the important information out of the noise. You don’t have to look far for the relevant facts about our SecureDetect Services. We will bring them to you on demand! All you have to do is let us know, and we’ll be happy to help!

Incident Response Hotline

Facing cyber incidents right now?

Contact our 24/7/365 world wide service incident response hotline.