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Managed Compliance Monitoring

Compliance under control. Permanently.

Compliance failures can seriously endanger your organisation’s revenues and reputation. However, it’s also extremely challenging to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing legislation, which often varies widely across different industries, geographies and use-cases. Ultimately, this can lead to siloed approaches to compliance that duplicate effort, create unnecessary costs and increase the risk of failure.

Our Managed compliance monitoring service overcomes these challenges, alerting firms to relevant, compliance-breaching changes or events across their entire IT estate in real-time. With monitoring, management and reporting that ensures the right rules and procedures are in place while building a clear framework for auditing and accountability, we make rock-solid compliance less complex, time-consuming and costly.

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Key benefits

 Improved productivity: Cloud based and proactively managed market leading SIEM platform complemented with proprietary Orange Cyberdefense technology reduces management overhead, complexity and costs.

Reduced risk: Ability to report on compliance violations.

Reduced costs: Fully-fledged SIEM functionality without the costs of purchasing and maintaining self-managed on premise or cloud devices.

Improved compliance: Internal or regulatory compliance policies auditing requirements fulfilled thorough 365-day storage of logs.

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