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Cybersecurity for Retail and E-commerce

A new landscape due to a transformed industry

Hackers shop at retailers

Following our Security Navigator 2023, six percent of our clients are from the Retail sector, which generates 21% of all security incidents we processed. Retail is thus our second busiest vertical. The lack of security leads customers to lose trust in retailers. Therefore, addressing this issue should be a top priority for retails actors.

New challenges mean new vulnerabilities

The era of Big Data and the digital advent leading to a new customer experience, have greatly increased the attack surface for hackers. The need to have a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is essential in order to have a future in the industry. Orange Cyberdefense helps you with this transition, especially in a regulatory upgrade to protect both your business and your customers' data.

Ensure your business continuity

Safeguard an increasingly digital business

Stay ahead of the multiple threats accelerated by digital business

Monitor your digital assets outside your corporate perimeter


Protect your supply chain to avoid paralysis

Learn about your supply chain weaknesses

Protect your network from cybersabotage

Develop a cyber-resilient strategy

  • We support you to build a cyber-resilient strategy for you and your entire ecosystem

Secure your OT equipment with our journey

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