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Identity & access management

The perimeter is everywhere!

In today’s digital world, the firewall-based perimeter protection we have trusted for so long, is no longer sufficient.

Instead, the identity is becoming the new perimeter in zero-trust-based approaches.

Data and applications are spread across multiple environments. People, applications, and “things” access these data and applications from everywhere. Our identity has become critical in cybersecurity. Only trusted users with the right credentials should be granted access to the relevant resources. Identity is the new perimeter.



SASE explained - A new way to think about access control

Passwords are outdated

Password-based access control is not sufficient, as demonstrated by the vast amount of leaked credentials. Anyone who happens to possess them, forms a risk. We need additional security layers. Multi-factor authentication solutions are essential in any identity and access management program today.

This shouldn’t complicate the process: authentication can be seamless. Single-sign-on across multiple platforms (on-premise and cloud) help deliver both security and user experience.

Our identity and access management includes identity governance, contextualization, user behavior analytics, and privileged account security. To detect malicious activity, user behavior should be analyzed against the baseline. Privileged accounts should get extra care, ensuring that those are only used for authorized activity by the proper users.

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Balancing identity protection and user experience

Every business needs to design appropriate identity and access management solutions. It is key to both protect critical assets and business processes, and to safely enable the business with a smooth user experience.

Your organization, your IAM

Orange Cyberdefense guides customers on designing and structuring their work around identity and access management. People, processes and technology are all equally important. User experience and appropriate security measures are implemented based on the organization’s infrastructure and environment.

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