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Zero Trust architecture: Hype or reality?

During this webinar, Mieke Devos, Head of Solution Design, will talk about; the importance of a Zero Trust architecture, how to deal with an ever-expanding perimeter, various users and devices requiring access to your data, moving to the cloud and other key issues. In addition, Mieke will explain in detail how you ensure the necessary cybersecurity measures are in place.

Zero Trust demos

Our demos will show Zero Trust as moving beyond just having the right username, password, and computer. Instead, we will look at additional metrics such as what the person is actually doing and if their machine has been compromised..

  • Phishing Detection and blocking
    This demo shows someone receiving a well-formatted phishing email that took a user to a web page that looked like the real company's website. On this site, the user is asked to log in with his windows credentials. We will show that we can detect this and stop the credentials from being submitted to the false site.
  • Detecting and disconnecting a compromised client
    Not if, but when you have a compromised host, how do you deal with it? We demonstrate a compromised host trying to contact its C&C server. We will detect this on Palo Alto firewall and prevent the host from communicating through the Palo Alto firewall (this is the zone to zone protection), but this on its own is not enough as the host can still communicate to other hosts within the same routing domain. To counteract this, we show how Palo Alto Networks integrates with ClearPass. Once ClearPass gets the message from the Palo Alto firewall, the host can be disconnected from the production network and placed into an isolated quarantine network for remediation. Optionally, we can demo ClearPass OnGuard. This demo is not confined to C&C; it will also apply to virus and spyware detection.
  • Disconnecting a remote VPN client
    Very similar to the previous demo, but here we are using a Global Protect connection instead. The remediation is different because the host is just disconnected from the network.


  • Digital transformation is everywhere
  • Changing the paradigm
  • What is the new perimeter?
  • Secure how someone or something is accessing assets
  • How to adopt
  • Put into practice
  • Make the Zero Trust transformation journey a success
  • Key takeaways
  • Demos

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