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Webinar - Securing your IT/OT convergence

The increased dependence on digital connectivity across an operating environment is pushing the need for organizations to define a strategy for Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) convergence and of course of its security.

Due to separate functions, IT and OT worlds have historically existed in siloes – OT is about control and command of industrial assets, while IT is steeped in enterprise systems. From a governance perspective more and more C-levels require IT staff to secure OT systems. Alignment between these two worlds, using entirely different sets of technologies and tools without any appropriate communication, remains a main challenge to ensure a successful cybersecurity transformation.

Hear different perspectives on how to drive IT-OT alignment in your cybersecurity projects by using concrete tools and methodologies for both and by implementing best practices and establishing the lines of communication between the two worlds.

  • An overview of the OT/IT convergence environment
  • How to assess the risk of your OT environment
  • Find out where your assets are and how they are interconnected

Expert panel

Head of Industrial Security Program at Orange Cyberdefense Group - Jean Christophe Mathieu

Team lead for OT/ICS Cybersecurity at Orange Cyberdefense Sweden - Anastasiya Kornitska

OT Security Business Developer at Orange Cyberdefense France - Stephane Desmyter

Senior OT/ICS Security Consultant at Orange Cyberdefense Sweden - Oscar Gumaelius

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