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Cloud Security

Cloud is a game changer for your business

As the cloud offers new opportunities to transform your business, security and compliance risks are more critical than ever.

Especially as the complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments and skills shortages are part of the equation.

Make your cloud journey secure and prevent threats is now a key priority.

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Prepare, secure and manage your journey to and business in the cloud

SASE, a new mindset to address your business transformation

Users need to securely access data from anywhere, wherever it is hosted at any time and from any device. But how can you take advantage of the IT changes and usages to improve security and cost efficiency?

SASE is a new approach that addresses this challenge and redefines the traditional perimeter: security and network functions are centralized in a close-to-the-user cloud (also known as the edge), allowing simplification and automation.

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Prepare your cloud security strategy and meet your compliance requirements

Trained and certified experts by the major Cloud Service Providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud 

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Protect apps, data, and users everywhere

Cloud Access Security Solutions: 

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Cloud Native Security Solutions: 

  • Cloud Security Posture Management
  • Cloud Workload Protection Platform
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SaaS Security Solutions: 

  • Access and Authentication
  • Threat prevention (Phishing and malware protection)
  • Data protection and leakage prevention
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Connecting the dots

Today, IT teams and security teams are facing decentralized and heterogeneous points of control.

Users access multiple applications in multiple environments from multiple locations, making it more difficult to secure, control, track and manage security.

Orange Cyberdefense helps you gain the freedom to innovate using cloud services without the risks that come with it.

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