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Endpoint security

Protecting endpoints is key, from critical servers to remote workers’ laptops.

Most attacks, from ransomware to targeted espionage, touch the endpoint.

Endpoint protection has always been important. Today, cloud-adoption, hybrid infrastructures and remote work, increases its importance. The types of endpoints used are more diverse than ever, with increasing shares of non-managed devices. The next generation of workers demands control over their devices. Securing endpoints can be complex.

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Going beyond detecting malware

Modern endpoint protection needs to go beyond detecting malware. It needs to provide offline and online protection, enable quick incident remediation, and provide a non-intrusive user experience. Today’s leading endpoint security technology is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The protection mechanisms are proactive and advanced in order to combat the ever-changing threats of today. In addition, Orange Cyberdefense offers advanced services to manage, detect, analyze and respond to security incidents, which give organizations a solid foundation for endpoint security.

Orange Cyberdefense continuously monitors and evaluates different technologies for endpoint security, to make sure that we can provide the best solutions for our customers within:

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Reduce risk and optimize your processes

With efficient endpoint security, the risk of business interruption, data leakage, and stolen credentials is drastically reduced. It enables the business to operate efficiently, utilizing the strengths of a mobile workforce.

By utilizing Orange Cyberdefense’s services for endpoint security, scarce human capital can be allocated to more strategic and business-focused security work, as opposed to managing and continuously optimizing the endpoint security technology.

Endpoint protection

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