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Industrial Endpoint Protection

The virus scanner can quickly become a problem in the SCADA environment. What is part of the standard equipment of every office PC in office IT today quickly leads to difficulties in the area of ​​control systems. As analysis shows, standard virus scanners have enormous resource requirements, especially when a malware infection is detected. In the worst case, this can lead to a standstill of important processes – something intolerable on a control system. It would mean that production also comes to a standstill. Therefore, the question arises of how a sensible and low-maintenance malware protection can be integrated in the SCADA environment so that neither a malware attack (nor the defense against it) lead to failures. There are already effective ways to successfully master this balancing act.

We offer you tailor-made solutions with tried and tested endpoint protection for your production and SCADA environment, with which you effectively ensure the availability of your production.

Your advantages

Solutions that have been proven to offer a 99% detection rate under real conditions

Lowest possible impact on system resources: max. 10% processor load (briefly upon detection) and less than 50MB memory usage

Elimination of signature updates and online compulsion

Reduction of the patching effort while guaranteeing security

Security 4.0 for industry

The wave of digitalization is unstoppable. Just as robotics revolutionized production, an industry without networked IT is already unthinkable. Medium-sized companies have also long been online and at the latest since 3D printers for small series production have made the leap into the professional sector, one thing is clear: Industry 4.0 has long since begun in many places.

Anyone who now ensures that security does not stop at 3.5 has a real competitive advantage. This advantage is half yours if you find out more now.

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