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ICS Asset Inventory

Mapping Industrial Systems

Industrial plants are often modified during their lifecycle of several decades and may contain components that are not listed or documented under the security aspect.

It is, therefore, essential to carry out an inventory of hardware and software equipment.

The asset inventoy provides a clear and complete vision of industrial systems and all their communications, through precise documentation:

  • An exhaustive list of equipment
  • Communication flow diagrams
  • Application Inventory

Mapping: the first step towards safety control

  • Identification of sensitive equipment
  • Discovery of possible attack paths
  • Assessment of vulnerability impacts
  • Preparation for the implementation of protection solutions
  • Management of end-of-life equipment
  • Integration in CMMS
  • OT Teams Federation



Passive listening

an exhaustive list of network flows to define future segmentation rules or refine current rules

Discreet network discovery:

light scan with no impact on production to discover mute equipment

Collection of configurations:

recovery of applications and operating systems from industrial stations, hardware configurations, and requests to PLCs to obtain an application vision.

Interviews and visits:

understanding how the system works and identifying its isolated equipment to anticipate protection solutions.

Next steps

You cannot protect what you cannot see. If you want to know exactly which devices are on your OT network and how they are connected, or if you have any questions regarding other offerings and services related to operational technology, industrial security or the IoT: please do not hesitate to ask! We are there to guide you on your next steps towards a security standard that is ahead of your competitors.

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