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Malware Cleaner

Malware protection tailored to your business needs

Today, 70% of employees use external USB keys and connect them to the company network.

Vulnerabilities on USB devices can have serious consequences: industrial sabotage, ransomware, data modification or even destruction.

It is therefore essential for companies to protect themselves effectively.

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The stakes for companies are high

Protect your business

Malware Cleaner secures your operations carried out by USB device for the updates of your industrial equipment and within the framework of the interventions of your providers.


Be in compliance

The Malware Cleaner solution allows you to follow the regulations imposed by the European legislation.

Raise employee awareness

With the Malware Cleaner solution, you inform your employees about the cyber threats that really target the information system.

A 5-step process to protect you from malware

Decontamination of user stations

Thanks to the mobile version of Malware Cleaner, you have the possibility to embed the USB device decontamination on a user station.  Insert and start the computer on the mobile key. The product interface is displayed with the internal disks of the computer detected. You can now safely perform a removal of doubt on the workstation.

Benefits of the Malware Cleaner solution

Global protection

  • 8 complementary anti-virus programs
  • Protection of workstations via the Malware Cleaner agent
  • Remote scanning of suspicious files
  • USB BAD detection

Highly customizable

  • Configuration of solutions according to your security policy
  • Online or offline updates, depending on your needs

Adapted to your business challenges

  • Formats 
  • Customizable kiosk
  • Mini-kiosk
  • Mobile key
  • System version

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