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Industrial Network Surveilance

Don’t lose sight of the goal: ICS Security Analysis

Attacks on your critical production and manufacturing processes were previously not visible to you due to a lack of monitoring? Why actually? By connecting your production and manufacturing processes to a central log management and SIEM (Security Information Event Management) system, attacks on your industrial system landscape become visible. Newer control devices and sensors in particular offer you valuable log information, which is often not recorded centrally, but only evaluated in the event of a problem. Telemanagement not only offers you the simple possibility of carrying out forensic analyzes in the postmortem case. In combination with a SIEM system, log information can be correlated with other components in almost real time and thus offer you active attack detection including appropriate alarms.

With the right visualization, you can finally make attacks tangible for your control center or the security operations center. Your operational employees can react actively. Regain control. Use security analysis solutions from Orange Cyberdefense GmbH for your production and manufacturing processes.

Your advantages:

Transparency about the processes in networked production

Immediate notification of incorrect or manipulated entries or values

Automated reactions enable countermeasures before damage occurs

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Security 4.0 for industry

The wave of digitization is unstoppable. Just as robotics once found its way into production, an industry without networked IT is already unthinkable. Medium-sized companies have also long been online and at the latest since 3D printers for small series production have made the leap into the professional sector, one thing is clear: Industry 4.0 has long since begun in many places.

Anyone who now ensures that security does not stop at 3.5 has a real competitive advantage. This advantage is half yours if you find out more now.

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