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Industrial Remote Access

Access control that works: ICS Access Management

Access Management regulates access to your production infrastructure at the network level. This ensures that only those devices have access to your production networks that you know and that need access. In this way, you can prevent insiders from gaining direct access to the networks and circumventing existing security mechanisms or infiltrating a backdoor into your secured production networks.

Different mechanisms such as MAC addresses or certificates can be used to control access to the network. Unknown devices can be blocked or isolated. In addition to access control, there is also the option of subjecting devices that are connected to the network to a security check. In this way, you ensure that devices only get into the network if they meet your security standards and therefore do not pose a threat to your network.

ICS Access Management ensures that your infrastructure segmentation can unfold its full effect and is not undermined by direct network access.

Your advantages

Remote access remains possible but is protected against unauthorized access using the latest technology

Every access takes place under controlled conditions (traceability, plausibility check)

The security compliance of used devices can be verified before access is granted.

Security 4.0 for industry

The wave of digitization is unstoppable. Just as robotics once found its way into production, an industry without networked IT is already unthinkable. Medium-sized companies have also long been online and at the latest since 3D printers for small series production have made the leap into the professional sector, one thing is clear: Industry 4.0 has long since begun in many places.

Anyone who now ensures that security does not stop at 3.5 has a real competitive advantage. This advantage is half yours if you find out more now.

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