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What is the role of the C-Suite in the event of a cyber-attack?

Tailored guidance for top executives on how to manage, lead, and communicate before, during and after a cyber-crisis.

Executive support is key to build a cyber-resilient organization

While the Chief Information Security Officer is generally the foremost cyber-risk expert in some organizations and main point of contact for the board on cyber-risk issues, they cannot work in isolation.

Accountability for managing risk, including cyber security, spans across the leadership team. C-level executives must enable the CISO and wider organization to maintain its cyber-reslience.

It is essential executives are aligned and work collaboratively, while following a structured governance and a strategic cybersecurity plan.

In order to support Senior Executives, we built a tailored guide for each of them on how to manage, lead, and communicate before, during and after a crisis.

Cyberthreats are some of the biggest challenges organizations face, but cybersecurity failure is still seen as a critical short‑term risk. World Economic Forum. 

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Want to improve your board's cyber-awareness?

Experience the effect of a real cyber-attach in our Cyber Experience Center

Bring your Board members and IT colelagues to our Cyber Experience Center in Antwerp, to increase their cybersecurity awareness.

Our team in Belgium have built this interactive center to perfectly simulate the impact of a attack on your organization. Each board member will understand their role and practice their responsibility in the event of a real attack.

The entire experience is free of cost and can be completley tailored to your needs, from numbers to names, questions, and more.

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