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Vulnerability Management

The earlier you're aware, the better you're prepared

Without knowing where vulnerabilities exist, organisations leave themselves open to multiple attack vectors and unable to prioritise resource or investment in the areas attackers would find the simplest to exploit.

Exploitation of security flaws is the main vector of data breaches. In 2022, more than 22 vulnerabilities with a CVE reference were published every day*. Vulnerabilities are inherent to technologies and it only takes the exploitation of one of them for an organization to become the target of a cyber attack. 

Effective, false-positive free, vulnerability discovery is the first step that needs to be taken in any vulnerability management and patching program.

*Results referenced in the Security Navigator 2023

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How can vulnerability management be made more effective in the face of rising risks?

Good vulnerability management does not mean being fast enough to fix all vulnerabilities. Rather, it is about assessing the real risk of each vulnerability, then prioritizing them to fix the most significant vulnerabilities and thus minimize the company's attack surface.

Enterprise data and threat intelligence must be correlated and automated to this process. This is essential to allow internal teams to focus on remediation of vulnerabilities, prioritized on a risk score and let the business focus on the real organizational risk.

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