Managed Vulnerability Intelligence

Adopt a risk based approach for effective vulnerability management

More and more vulnerabilities are being discovered every day, leaving in-house teams struggling to react quickly enough and apply the corrective patches. Hackers are taking advantage of this lead time to analyze information systems, find vulnerabilities and launch successful attacks.

The sheer volume of security patches consumes a huge amount of an IT team’s time. Partnering with a vulnerability expert can dramatically reduce the burden and stress of vulnerability management on internal resources.

Managed Vulnerability Intelligence allows you to delegate vulnerability monitoring to Orange Cyberdefense and adopt a risk-based approach. The idea is not to try patching everything because it is not possible anymore but to prioritize remediation actions taking into account the criticality of your assets as well as the level of severity of the vulnerability itself.

Managed Vulnerability Intelligence: 2 complementary solutions

Managed Vulnerability Intelligence [identify] 

Know and reduce your attack surface, thanks to vulnerability scans of your internal/external environment and recommendations to prioritize remediation actions.

Managed Vulnerability Intelligence [watch] 

Anticipate threats and be proactively informed as soon as a newly discovered vulnerability impacts your business.

Both solutions can be combined, allowing more efficiency. For example, our CERT monitors the vulnerabilities and can trigger a proactive scan in case a critical vulnerability is discovered. You will also be informed right away if there is a critical vulnerability, whereas with a vulnerability scanning solution only, you would be informed only during the next scheduled scan (weekly, monthly, quarterly).

As a deeper level of control, we offer Ethical Hacking, using vulnerabilities (technological or human) to reach sensitive data and show customers all the “open doors” that need to be closed to protect their business activities.

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