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Francine Chemanah

Francine Chemanah

Sales - Team Lead - South Africa

My roles involve a strong focus on building and maintaining healthy client relationships with a mix between direct engagements and channel business. This is  accompanied by identifying and qualifying opportunities collectively developing and executing the sales process while leading and driving sales goals in collaboration with the sales, pre-sales and marketing teams. I develop account strategies leading to the deployment of well-executed selling efforts into the assigned territories.I manage a team who exercise effective wisdom, sensitivity, innovation and creativity to the constantly shifting Cyber landscape.

How we should build a safer digital society?

Never doubt that a group of people can change the world. I am a firm believer in education, training and empowerment. Each one Teach one. Learning a new skill or a new way to protect myself and my environment, it becomes my responsibility to share my knowledge and transfer my skill to those I have access to. Managing user privileges is also key to me, who has access to what information and what could they do with that information to either build a safe environment or destroy it. The idea is to spread knowledge and create Cyber Security Awareness for the betterment of my community and in turn our society. 

What #NoBiasInCyber means to me:

Irrespective of gender, race, colour or creed "No Bias In Cyber" means that each person will be afforded an equal opportunity to enter this field based on their skills, talents and abilities. This affords Woman  an opportunity to enter  this field and  to Thrive. 
Each person is unique and was created for a purpose.  Knowledge is Power. Invest in yourself and your future, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Maximize your 24 hours and make yours count. The seeds you sow today will be the harvest you will reap in the future. Plant wisely. 


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