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Detection and response in China

Sally Wang, Country Manager in China, shares our clients’ top priorities in the country.

What are the specific features of the cybersecurity market in China?

The Chinese cybersecurity market is structured around regulations: compliance with the China Cyber Security Law and its related subset laws. The second priority of our customers is to respond to cyberattacks and to fight against organized crime.  

Who are our main customers in China?

Our customers in China are multinational companies, mainly in the retail and automotive industries. We are talking about large companies: from 15,000 employees (national and international) to 100,000 employees.  

What are their needs in terms of detection and response to threats?

More than a detection and response solution, the Chinese companies (and foreign companies evolving in the Chinese market) need their IT infrastructure to be set up around local solutions. For example, local solutions hosted with Ali Cloud, which requires the detection and response toward those local solutions or local public cloud. Our Managed Detection and Response services in China therefore provides innovative and localized solutions.  

What services do we offer companies?

It has been three years since our implementation in China. We can now offer a wide range of solutions, including core services such as security analysis and incident response. We also offer security maturity assessments, penetration testing, vulnerability management, malware analysis, forensic investigation, and more. We help our customers secure their IT environment easily.  

What are the most frequent questions of the companies which we accompany in China? What are our answers?

Generally, depending on the size of the company, every customer has a different concern. For large size companies, which have quite a sizable security team, their questions are usually more related to technical issues. Medium-size companies (less than 5,000 employees) usually need guidance towards compliance issues, notably regarding the China Cyber Security law. 

What MDR services do we offer more specifically for the endpoints?

In China, we offer Cylance as an endpoint protection service. We can also operate Cybereason as an endpoint detection solution. If you want to know more about selecting a detection and response service, try out our MDR Buyer’s guide!

In summary, what are the greatest assets of Orange Cyberdefense China for MDR?

Orange Cyberdefense China’s greatest assets are our local presence and our capacity to fully comply with the China Security law. All the data generated in China is processed and handled in China and is not transferred out of China, which is a mandatory request by the Chinese Security law. We are a unique MSSP provider in Shanghai with a global basis and a mature security team.  

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