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Managed Threat Intelligence [protect]

Keep pace with the changing threat landscape

Growing attack surface, limited resources

With cloud expansion and the increasing adoption of remote work, threat agents have opportunities to breach your organization. 
In order to prevent and detect advanced threats, organizations need to collect the right information and turn it into actionable intelligence. 
This is where a CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) program comes in. However, it can be costly and complex. 

Because few CTI specialists are available, the market is overloaded with vendor solutions with variable performance, and a limited budget can create pressure to choose CTI solutions that may be less effective. 

Gain invaluable insights into the threat landscape

As a Network or Security Specialist you are dealing with:

Unexpected network disruptions

How do I block real malware threats without causing network disruption? 

Organizational and technology silos

How do I block threats accross multiple and non-connected security systems? 

Lack of time and resource shortage

How do I set up and maintain a CTI program with limited resources? 

Empower your security teams with the right information at the right time

Managed Threat Intelligence [protect| is a managed security service that allows you to enhance your security technologies: XDR, EDR, Next-gen firewalls, IDS, proxies and Internet Access Gateway. 

Thanks to Managed Threat Intelligence [protect], you can: 

  • Block incoming propagation of malware in firewalls without blocking legitimate traffic
  • Block C&C callbacks (Command & Control)
  • Block lateral movement of malware and ransomware in firewalls
  • Enforce EDR with Threat Intelligence data (IOC's - Indicators of Compromise)
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Managed Threat Intelligence [protect]: reinforce your security equipment via actionable Threat Intelligence integration

Adopt a proactive security posture based on Cyber Threat Intelligence 

Timely and accurate intelligence without any false positive 

Robust REST API: easy-to-integrate with your existing security tools

Insights updated in real-time to detect threats faster

Increase your network security ROI

Intelligence-led security by Orange Cyberdefense: bringing it all together

Where to invest resources where they have the most impact and demonstrate security ROI?
How to react faster and smarter to new threats and campaigns? 
How to make the right strategic, operational and tactical decisions? 
Our intelligence-led approach can help you answer all these crucial questions. 

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Why Orange Cyberdefense?

Listed on the Gartner Market Guide for Cyber Threat Intelligence Services 

Insights unbiased and independent of specific vendors 

Proprietary CTI data enriched with Telco Intelligence

Data enhanced with key insights from our 13 CyberSOCs 

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