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Security Navigator 2021: in-depth analysis of the state of the threat

Security Navigator 2021: in-depth analysis of the state of the threat

Orange Cyberdefense, the European leader in cybersecurity services, delivers its in-depth analysis of the state of threat in 2020 and shares its vision for 2021.

  • A constant volume of attacks even during the COVID-19 lockdown with an explosion of ransomware attacks linked to new business models
  • An acceleration of IT transformation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, introducing new risks and security challenges: cybersecurity is now at the core of most businesses, requiring a new approach
  • A cybercriminal ecosystem that has become more structured and professional as a result of huge potential rewards

Orange Cyberdefense publishes its annual report, the Security Navigator, which analyzes the evolution and changes in cyber threats. The data, collected between January and October 2020, comes from the 50 billion security events analyzed by Orange Cyberdefense’s 17 SOCs and 11 CyberSOCs globally, the epidemiology laboratory, and the research center, as well as from expert reports and benchmark studies.

This 2021 edition provides a unique and comprehensive view of the cybersecurity ecosystem during the health crisis, which has hit all countries and companies.

With Security Navigator 2021, our customers and partners have access to our cyber threat analysis. It is based on recognized expertise in Threat Intelligence and on data collected around the world via the Orange Group’s international network,” said Hugues Foulon, Executive Director of Strategy and Cybersecurity activities at Orange Group. He adds “In a technical context and with organizations shaken by the Covid crisis, this Security Navigator provides a state of the threat that will usefully enlighten corporate decision-makers“.

Never before has it been more important to progress from a mode of crisis and reactivity to take back control of one’s cybersecurity journey and build a safer digital society.

To find out more, download the press release here.

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