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Lisette Feenstra

Lisette Feenstra

IIT Workspace Support - Netherlands

Responsible to support our internal users across a range of devices and applications internationally.

How we should build a safer digital society?

We, as an international team, strive everyday to have all the devices and applications, which are used within OCD, to be up to date, following the policies and guidelines set within the company.

What #NoBiasInCyber means to me:

No matter what gender you are, how you identify, what color your skin is, we are all here to do our job and do it well. One should be chosen for their enthusiasm and will to learn. Knowledge will follow. Everyone should deserve a chance, no matter what their background is. 


Incident Response Hotline

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Kontakt vår globale 24/7/365 tjeneste incident response hotline.