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Intelligence-led security in practice: safeguarding a French multinational in consumer products from the SolarWinds compromise

The Challenge

A French multinational in consumer products with locations and hubs in EU, AME, APAC, ME, Africa found itself confronted with three million IT assets, generating 37 billion events per month.
Orange Cyberdefense was called in to help cutting through the noise and focusing limited resources to prioritize and respond to potential compromise. Special focus was put on potential exposure to SolarWinds Orion.


  • Managed Vulnerability Intelligence [Watch]
  • Managed Vulnerabilty Intelligence [Identify]
  • Managed Threat Detection [Log]
  • Incident Response
  • Glocal service: consistent, local delivery of service provided in all hub regions


  • Understanding and controlling the real risk and impact of the threat
  • Focussing resources on timely and effective response targeted to the business context
  • Risk mitigated, business disruption avoided
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