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Welcome to Orange Cyberdefense Live 2024 in Oslo

Navigating Cybersecurity’s Evolution and Maturity

Join us at Orange Cyberdefense Live on September 18 and explore the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity when we bring together industry leaders, cybersecurity experts, specialists and analysts to embark on a journey through the evolving realm of cyber threats, cyber resilience and proactive cyberdefense.

Through keynote speeches, expert presentations and interesting breakout sessions you will be able to delve into world recognized threat intelligence research, current cybersecurity trends and emerging technologies, threat detection strategies, and the maturation of cybersecurity practice.

This will provide you with unique and valuable insights on how to navigate in the ever-changing cyber environment that constantly force you to develop mature security practices, and harnessing innovation to safeguard your digital infrastructure, secure your organization and futureproof your business.


Diana Selck-Paulsson
Lead Security Researcher

Diana is a Lead Security Researcher for Orange Cyberdefense, based in Malmö, Sweden. She leads the company’s efforts to track, analyze, and report on the current cyber extortion (Cy-X) and ransomware threat landscape, as well as hacktivism activities since 2022, when the lines between different forms of cyber aggression began to blur. Diana holds a Master's degree in International Criminology. Her primary interests and focus include data analysis, researching cybercrime trends, victimology, and the human element in cybersecurity.


Jan Arild Sigvartsen
Senior Executive advisor

With a background in a mix of C-level, entrepreneur and leadership combined with deep understanding of technology, content creation and communication. Helping companies and individuals to do things they've never done before within the digital space.


Grant Paling
Product Manager Global Service Lines.

Senior advisor cyber threat intelligence and threat detection. With expertise in developing and educating the market about new and existing global cyber security services.


State of the cyber threat landscape

Current trends and future predictions in an era of cyber extorsion, supply-chain attacks  and geopolitical hacktivism  


Thinking outside the box: The importance of tracking your digital risk 

Sharing multiple stories from the field about brand exploitation, as well as effective strategies in digital risk protection and advice on how to play your part in creating a safer digital society.

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This event is a part of the Orange Cyberdefense Live 2024 - Nordic Tour. We will visit three countries and six cities during the year. The tour will start in April and end in September. See you there!

Orange Cyberdefense Live 2024, the spring tour is completed! The next location is in Stockholm and the day after will be in Oslo. 



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