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SensePost training: Tactical Hacking Essentials

This extremely hands-on course is designed to provide you with a complete overview and methodology to start a career in penetration testing. Our core methodologies are instilled throughout this course. You’ll be taken on an immersive journey into the day-to-day tactical operations of a penetration tester.

The course starts off with fundamental security knowledge to provide you with a solid technical base to build upon. The attack model starts from an external perspective with the main objective of taking over an organisation. You’ll be exposed to open-source intelligence gathering techniques, external and web application hacking skills and working your way into an organisation, ending with advanced internal network compromises and objective completion. Throughout the course you will gain actual attacker skills and knowledge to apply in real-world scenarios.

This course is highly practical and will provide you with tools and techniques to achieve objectives through the course in our immersive online lab environment.

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