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Managed Detection and Response

  • 82% of organizations are unclear about whether they are successfully identifying breaches and incidents.
    [EY Global Information Security Survey 2018]
  • The current average time to identify and contain a data breach is 280 days
    [IBM Security: Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020]

It is high time to identify and fix this apparent gap in security operations. An adaptive, modular service package, backed by in-depth awareness of the threat landscape is the solution.

A challenge with detection and response is that it has a much higher demand on people and processes. Threat actors are global, work across all time zones and are very skilled. Building up a 24×7 team with competence, infrastructure and processes is very expensive and time consuming.

This makes investing in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services your best option.


Incident Response Hotline

Står du overfor en cyberhendelse akkurat nå?


Kontakt vår globale 24/7/365 tjeneste incident response hotline.