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Manufacturing: Secure and facilitate remote access

The Challenge

The company has nearly 190,000 employees and is present in 64 countries, a significant size that has already experienced a cyber-attack.

Emerging from this cyber-attack with significant consequences and trying to secure the remote access of its employees in a Covid-19 crisis context, the company wants to help them better protect themselves, while facilitating access and use of the resources implemented for this purpose.


  • Access to a 100% redundant technical infrastructure on two data centers
  • An automated administration interface available 24×7
  • Monitoring and support in the implementation of a secure architecture
  • Provision of usage reports
  • Maintenance and upgrades
  • Availability commitments
  • Authentication means adapted to each use (physical and software tokens on PC, smartphone, tablet, or by SMS)


  • Available quickly and without installation at the customer’s site
  • Flexibility: a solution that adapts to turnover
  • Invoiced monthly according to the number of users declared in the solution
  • Work reduction of the customer IT teams thanks to a fully automated user registration
  • Guarantee of a highly secure platform, always up to date and at the forefront of innovation
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