Security Navigator 2024

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  • 100% first-hand information from the operations and research teams of a leading Security Services provider.
  • Invaluable insights into the threat landscape
  • Expert reports and expert reviews on topics like Cyber Extortion, Vulnerability Management, Hacktivism
  • Attack patterns and statistics for different business sizes and industries
  • Analysis of the most disrupting events in 2023 and what to expect in the future
  • Find these stories and many more in the Navigator!

Some vibrant stories from the report:

  • 25 pages of CyberSOC statistics
  • Ransomware observations from Dark Net surveillance
  • World Watch observations
  • Pentesting and CSIRT stories
  • Analysis of Vulnerability Scanning and Pentesting reports for the past years
  • Security deep-dives into Mobile security, Manufacturing and advisory on the Ukraine war
  • Security predictions: addressing four key areas of security in a different way

Funnel: 129,395 incidents ▶ 25,076 confirmed security breaches

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