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Enabling Sana Commerce to deliver the safest possible ERP integration

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The Challenge

Sana Commerce offers an open B2B e-commerce platform that allows to establish and maintain sustainable customer relations between businesses easily. To smoothly integrate into business processes Sana offers extensions for various ERPs like SAP or Microsoft Dynamics. These certified add-ons must meet the highest quality and security requirements. This is where the experts of Orange Cyberdefense excel.

The Project

Sana Commerce is an e-commerce platform for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. It offers certified add-ons in SAP and Microsoft Dynamics must meet the highest quality- and security requirements. 

The solution: being challenged to perfection. Orange Cyberdefense periodically conducts technical tests to investigate what Sana Commerce is doing well and not so well in terms of cybersecurity.

For example, ethical hackers try to penetrate the systems and Orange Cyberdefense experts constantly review the code that the software company writes.

“We have a new release every two weeks,” says Arno Ham, Chief Product Officer at Sana Commerce. Orange Cyberdefense is constantly challenging Sana Commerce to perfect its solutions. “Ultimately, Orange Cyberdefense issues reports on what we are doing well and where we can improve, and they provide training. They do that at every level of the organization. They show the programmers very technically the possible vulnerabilities in our code and for us as management it is more about strategy.”

The Solutions provided

Services provided:

  • Security Consulting
  • Regular audits of code security
  • Ethical hacking services
  • Code review for security


  • Creating and maintaining customer trust by providing the most secure platform
  • Smooth integration with the development process provides „security by design“ without extensive investment in patching afterwards
  • Compliance with high standards of partners like SAP or Microsoft for ERP integration

Arno Ham

Chief Product Officer at Sana Commerce

We always include the expert recommendations. We even add the nice-to-haves quickly, so that we always have the best and most secure software possible.”

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If you are interested in all the details of the project you can download this case study as a PDF. 

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