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Financial Times: Enabling a Mobile Workforce

Customer Profile








~434 M€


The Challenge

The customer wanted to optimize and at the same time protect the internet access in its remote locations. At the same time a modern VPN solution was to be established, ideally providing a single-provider solution for simplified management across several regions.

The Project

After reviewing the current business challenge, it was agreed that the solution implemented would need an aggressive roll out due to pressure from users demanding a workable, quick solution. As a result, the solutions were rolled out extremely rapidly in a matter of weeks. Firstly, Orange Cyberdefense selected and deployed Aruba Networks to enable local internet connection. This meant that each remote FT site would be connected to the internet directly, rather than using a private network to head office. This was a more cost-effective solution and would result in faster and higher quality connections for the local offices. Secondly, Aruba Networks set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in two regional sites – the New York and London offices – allowing employees to easily connect to the resources at head office. A cloud-based web filtering solution was also provided by Aruba Networks to control what websites employees visit when they access the internet locally, to make sure they remain in line with the FT’s global security policy.

The solutions deployed by Orange Cyberdefense enable all FT employees to work wirelessly. They can now connect their smartphone devices and tablets in a secure, structured way to the network and have access to all the resources they should need from head office. This gives employees the flexibility to work remotely, which has improved employee’s productivity as well as their working life. The FT has also embraced the onslaught of mobile devices by launching its own app edition of the paper for the iPad and iPhone, enabling readers to keep up to date with the latest news while on the go. With internet traffic now staying local, speeds have improved dramatically and employees no longer feel that their connections at home are better than in the office. Local internet access is also much cheaper, so the business can reap the financial benefits of this. In addition, the FT no longer has to upgrade its very expensive WAN connections as quickly as it used to, so further cost savings have been made.

The solutions provided

Services provided:

  • Security architecture consulting
  • The Solution: Deployment of Aruba Networks enabling local internet connections
  • set up of VPN’s in London and New York headquaters


  • Aruba Networks VPN


  • Easy access to company resources
  • Internet speeds have dramatically improved
  • Allows employees to connect smartphone and tablet devices to the network
  • Cheaper local internet access saving FT time and money upgrading expensive wider area network connections
  • Simplified support with one point of contact for all problems
  • Easier audit compliance

Alison Fitzgerald


Meeting the needs of our large, global workforce by supporting mobility and enabling the use of smartphones and tablet devices was paramount for us. We have seen significant improvements following the solution implementations."

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