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Managed Threat Detection [xdr]

An Intelligence-led extended detection and response service

Today’s threat landscape is as complex and diverse as the modern IT ecosystem and attacks are increasingly sophisticated. End-User devices and servers continue to be the primary assets affected by security incidents we investigated across our global network of CyberSOCs.

This clearly underpins the need of covering endpoints with threat prevention, detection and response capabilities. However, at the same time we’ve that malware dropped from being the major root cause of confirmed incidents and sophisticated hacking techniques such as web attacks and, spear-phishing and brute forcing have taken over.

Therefore, effective threat detection must cover more then the endpoint to keep up in the back-and-forth battle of threat evolution versus threat detection.

For the most complete visibility to power threat detection, utilizing key security data from endpoints, networks, cloud and identities and other key log sources gives you fast path towards a solid detection and response strategy.

Entrusting that extended detection and response (XDR) data to an experienced Managed Detection and Response provider such as Orange Cyberdefense, gives you the peace of mind that you have good coverage and a trusted partner with eyes on screen 24×7.

Orange Cyberdefense provides intelligence-led extended threat detection services on market leading XDR platforms.

One unified service to quickly cover your key business risks

MDR Buyer's Guide

Detection and response require time, skills, resources, and investment. If you want to get an idea of which is the best option for your organization, try our Managed Detection and Response Buyer’s Guide. The advice will be a good starting point for implementing a managed detection and response service.

Managed Threat Detection [xdr] at a glance

Managed Threat Detection [xdr] is a 24x7 managed detection and response (MDR) service provided by Orange Cyberdefense which utilizes key security data from across your modern enterprise to detect and respond to threats faster and more accurately than ever before by utilizing detection and response, artificial intelligence, automation and orchestration technologies.

The service provides you with detection, triage, classification, and response on incidents detected in your environment. All in a single service on market leading XDR platforms which are fully setup, supervised, and maintained by Orange Cyberdefense.

With Managed Threat Detection [xdr] you will get:

  • Setup and management of the XDR platform required for the service
  • Continuous incident triage, analysis, and prioritization by security analysts
  • Containment and remediation for confirm a critical security incident
  • Integration of the unique Orange Cyberdefense Threat Intelligence
  • Orange Cyberdefense developed detection rules to augment the out-of-the-box detections of the XDR platform for improved detection
  • Pro-active hunting of sophisticated threats across your environment

Utilizing your key security event data in a modular detection & response service

Managed Threat Detection [xdr] is modular with flexibility to adapt to your business risks by ingesting data from various parts of your environment. This enhances your detection and response capabilities by correlating data from multiple sources, surpassing siloed services.


Our added value

Intelligence-led Security

We integrate our proprietary cyber threat intelligence for improved prevention and detection capabilities.

Orange Cyberdefense Detection Rules

We enrich the out-of-the-box detections of the XDR platform for more accurate detections.

World class delivery teams

Highly skilled analysts and engineers to analyze, hunt, improve and operate.

Continuous improvement

We continuously tune your XDR platform and improve our detection capabilities, skills and services.

Your benefits

Complete visibility on one dashboard

Quick installation and a unified platform for improved protection, detection, and response (XDR).

Save time & costs

CyberSOC teams provide security analysts & platform expertise as a service 24/7.

Added value services

Initial tuning of detection rules, managed threat response and an integration with our threat intelligence datalake.

Integrated response

Restore hosts to a clean state and get over an attack by removing malicious files and fast recovery.

One serivce for centralized threat detection and response

Managed Threat Detection [xdr]: One service with your choice of technology.

Capitalize on your Microsoft investment

Orange Cyberdefense offers Managed Threat Detection [xdr] based on Microsoft Defender XDR and sentinel solutions.

This will allow businesses to capitalize on their Microsoft license buy, to bring cyber and IT teams closer around the Microsoft platform, to avoid procurement of expensive best of bread solutions and to simplify security management thanks to the AI security agent copilot.

Platformization with Palo Alto Networks

Orange Cyberdefense offers Managed Threat Detection [xdr] based on the Palo Alto Cortex XDR and XSIAM solutions.

This will allow businesses to capitalize on the platformization approach of Palo Alto Networks, bringing together Orange Cyberdefense services  with Network Security, Cloud Security and Security Operations technologies.

Incident Response Hotline

Facing cyber incidents right now?

Contact our 24/7/365 world wide service incident response hotline.