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Medi-Globe trusts SOC-Services provided by Orange Cyberdefense

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~134 M€


The Challenge

Conscious of the need to protect against the risk of potential cyber attacks as good as possible, the company decided to get an insurance that would cover potential damage. To utilize the insurance a number of prerequisistes were to be fulfilled. One of them was to either set up a CyberSOC or outsource to a qualified partner.

That is where Orange Cyberdefense came in.

The Project

After a careful evaluation, Medi-Globe chose Orange Cyberdefense as their partner. The comprehensive, proven know-how in Microsoft solutions and the excellent CSOC services convinced the medical technology specialists that this was the right partner.

In addition, Orange Cyberdefense was able to provide profound experience in the field of consulting and cybersecurity strategy. They advised Medi-Globe in depth and made recommendations for improvements to the Microsoft instance, which helped to optimize the setup and achieve the best possible performance in terms of cyber security.

Medi-Globe has now found a reliable partner who operates Microsoft Sentinel in its CSOC and at the same time has in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products. This was a requirement for working with the cyber insurance. Medi-Globe also benefits from the extensive experience of a CyberSOC team specializing in this solution.

An additional benefit were experienced consultants who have provided improvements to the Microsoft instance and supported during the onboarding process. With the help of Managed Threat Detection [log] for Microsoft Sentinel, data can now be collected from various sources and the most likely threats can be identified using expert data analysis.

This saves time and resources.

The Solutions provided

Services provided:


  • Microsoft Sentinel


  • Reliable CSOC services operated on MS Sentinel to minimize risk of damage through cyberattacks
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Cyber Insurance provider
  • Full ROI on the investment in MS products through professional consulting

Christian Czech

Global Head of IT at Medi-Globe

We chose Orange Cyberdefense as our partner because they convinced us with their extensive experience in Microsoft products and excellent CSOC services.

We are confident that together we will be able to protect our critical IT systems and ensure the highest possible security for our company.

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If you are interested in all the details of the project you can download this case study as a PDF. 

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