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Carla Botas

Cyber Security Advisory Consultant - South Africa

As a consultant within our Advisory team I work with our clients to help solve their complex cyber security challenges. This includes facilitating strategy development, practical risk assessments, incident response assessments etc. all in an effort ultimately help develop their security maturity and resilience against cyber-attacks.

How we should build a safer digital society?

The work we’re doing within the Advisory team is helping our clients to improve their security posture and resilience against cyber-attacks. Which in turn means that I am making a direct contribution towards building a safer digital society and ensuring companies are protecting the information of my community, family and friends. That gives me a real sense of purpose. The work that we are doing has an impact not just in my life but in the world of so many others, helping to protect our communities against a loss of information or personal resources.

What #NoBiasInCyber means to me:

To me this means to promote diversity and inclusivity within our industry. As the famous quote says “No man is an island”. There’s so much more to gain from an inclusive culture and active participation from different genders, cultures, perspectives etc. Sometimes we see better when looking through the lens of others.


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