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Bettina Nyberg

Director of People and Professional Services - Denmark

The job of the Director of People and Professional Services is important to our business´ success. People are our very most important assets and as the Director of People I´m the one who continuously work to ensure that we have a happy and productive workplace, where everyone works to realize our mission and vision. Promoting corporate values and shaping a positive work culture is a vital aspect of my job.

How we should build a safer digital society?

I create a work environment that leads everybody to go an extra mile for our customers and our colleagues everyday. 

What #NoBiasInCyber means to me:

In our professional life, biases can be destructive and can trigger us to make decisions that are not objective. In order to attract and retain talent, we are creating an organization that should be a diverse, engaging and inclusive culture where all employees are recruited and promoted based on their abilities, and everyone gets equal space and opportunity to grow - we hire for personality! 


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