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Orange Cyberdefense sine skysikkerhetsløsninger nå tilgjengelig på AWS Marketplace

Orange Cyberdefense sine skysikkerhetsløsninger nå tilgjengelig på AWS Marketplace

Orange Cyberdefense har bekreftet at porteføljen av skysikkerhetsløsninger nå er tilgjengelig globalt i AWS Marketplace sin nettbutikk. AWS Marketplace er en digital katalog som gjør det enkelt for organisasjoner å finne, anskaffe, få rettigheter, levere og styre tredjepartsprogramvare. Du kan også utforske og kjøpe tjenester for å konfigurere, distribuere og administrere tredjepartsprogramvaren din. Mer enn 10 000 produkter er tilgjengelige fra 1600+ ISV-er.

I dag har AWS Marketplace 310 000 kunder og 2 millioner abonnementer. Flyttingen vil gjøre det enklere for kunder å finne, kjøpe og begynne å bruke Orange Cyberdefense sine skysikkerhetstjenester på AWS for å optimalisere sitt sikkerhetsbudsjettet. 

Samtidig forsterker det Orange Cyberdefense sin synlighet i skysikkerhetsmarkedet og utvider kontaktpunkt med nåværende og potensielle brukere.

Orange Cyberdefense sine første tilbud i AWS Marketplace inkluderer Managed Cloud Security [Infrastructure], en Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) løsning, Cloud Security Assessment og Managed Threat Detection alle tjenester fra Orange Cyberdefense.

Coping with cloud security complexity

Extensive use of hybrid and multi-cloud architectures is resulting in highly complex operational environments. According to IDC, cloud management headcount is expected to increase slower than the scale of supported workloads, resulting in significant stress on current operational models [1].To take it a step further, a recent Gartner[2] survey found that 58% of respondents ranked “insufficient skills and resources” as their biggest cloud challenge.

The Shared responsibility model helps customers to focus resources on business outcomes by sharing security responsibility with AWS.  AWS takes responsibility for the security of the cloud: The underlying infrastructure, such as facilities, hardware, networking, compute, and the Hypervisor, while the customer is responsible for their choice of security configuration in their cloud environment.  However, Gartner states that most security failures in the cloud are due to misconfiguration, and “through 2022, at least 95 percent of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault”.

“As customers’ infrastructures and cloud environments become larger and more complex, organizations want to move faster while remaining secure.  Using configuration guardrails to empower developers to move at speed while conducting automated security and compliance checks to manage risk.  Amazon’s Partner Network provides customers with security tools that augment native security services such as GuardDuty, SecurityHub, and Inspector and skilled consulting partners who can help them implement security best practices and scale their Security Monitoring operations to keep pace with the business,” says Rob Hale, AWS’ Security Segment Lead in EMEA.

Manual security management tools aren’t sufficient to handle this complexity.  Managed Cloud Security [Infrastructure] is a service that leverages CSPM technology. It has been designed to reduce risk, ensure compliance and detect threats from all an enterprise’s cloud resources. In addition, it helps customers assess and monitor best practices, CIS benchmarks, the Cloud Control Matrix (CCM), NIST and ISO compliance standards, for example.

The Orange Cyberdefense service has been developed to provide a comprehensive solution to protect cloud assets. To protect, you must first gain insight. During onboarding, our certified consultants help in establishing 360-degree visibility of customer cloud assets. This allows us to start continuous monitoring of compliance and risk due to misconfiguration. Unified security controls serve as preventative “guardrails” and serve as a sensor for enhanced threat detection and response.

“Enterprises are currently facing the challenge of a security skills shortage. AWS Marketplace extends our best-of-breed technologies and wealth of security expertise out to a new global customer base who are looking for security solutions and services that fit exactly with their business requirements that they can get up and running with quickly and efficiently” explains Tom Fonteyn, cloud security Product Manager.

Need help finding the appropriate level of security?

Some enterprises struggle with putting together a security strategy, finding the right balance of people, processes, and technologies to meet their needs within budget. Orange Cyberdefense provides a structured approach to assessing an enterprise’s security maturity from a cloud perspective to fully understand what to prioritize and how to navigate and manage security projects. Led by a team of experienced security consultants, the assessment enables enterprises to plan, design and deploy a security program that fits business needs.

“Enterprises that adopt security best practice mitigate more rapidly and at a larger scale than those who engage security late in the migration or modernization process. Clearly defined security maturity requirements are essential if enterprises are not going to hit major security issues going forward,” explains Sajith Silva, Cybersecurity Advisory Consultant at Orange Cyberdefense. “Providing this assessment through AWS Marketplace is helping more enterprises responsibly safeguard their business assets.”

Orange Cyberdefense and Amazon Web Services make an automotive multinational’s journey more secure

Business cases run across industries. Take, for example, a leader in the automotive sector operating in 170 countries that wanted a clearer view of its cloud estate and, at the same time, enhance its security posture.

The multinational was struggling with ensuring security best practice was implemented consistently. Orange Cyberdefense carried out an initial audit for the company and came up with 25,000 results that were non-compliant with framework/ compliance standards on a single AWS account.

Moving on, Orange Cyberdefense prioritized vulnerabilities and helped the multinational to solve its detection issues. This was done utilizing Orange Cyberdefense’s CSPM managed services connecting to AWS instances tools such as AWS Lambda, AWS S3, AWS ALB, which applies necessary restrictions and security rules. With the help of Orange Cyberdefense, the customer now monitors their 16 AWS environments with an ever-growing number of assets, 90,000 assets as we speak. This includes best practices in public-facing resources and monitoring administrative accounts, NIST, and GDPR compliance.

The company now has complete visibility on its cloud assets and cloud security behaviors, unifying security controls into a single view. The solution helps to prevent data breaches and compliance violations via continuous monitoring and analysis. Threat detection and response provide the company with the first signs of an anomaly to avoid minor issues turning into big problems. It identifies public S3 buckets and ensures they are configured correctly in terms of security, for example.

Threat detection: be prepared for your next cyber attack

Managed Threat Detection by Orange Cyberdefense helps enterprises detect and respond to incidents utilizing output from AWS native security tools such as Guard Duty. The complete solution provides enterprises with a managed service, using people, processes, and technology to monitor malicious activities in multi and hybrid-cloud environments.

Orange Cyberdefense has 11 CyberSOCs distributed across the globe responsible for monitoring and analyzing the enterprise’s security postures and responding to incidents 24/7.  Orange Cyberdefense’s intelligence-led approach identifies real threat signals and anomalies in the noise, protecting infrastructures and supply chains.

“Business units are changing the way they procure services. Having our Managed Detection and Response services by Orange Cyberdefense available on AWS Marketplace is another secure and streamlined procurement channel to businesses globally by providing them with the confidence that security events are being analyzed 24×7, every day of the year,” says Grant Paling, Product Manager for Managed Detection and Response at Orange Cyberdefense.

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