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Unleashing the Power of Digital and Reviewing Banking 2.0

How digitized is your organization in the era of open banking?  

A well-defined digital strategy strengthens the operational resilience of the financial sector, which is crucial for organizations as they aim to enhance the stability, security, and reliability of the banking digital systems. 

What comes to mind when we talk about the complex ecosystems around: fintech partner management, cybercrime, security, DORA, CX, and A.I.?  

We are Orange Business, and we would like to invite you to an afternoon of insights and tangible ideas on how to navigate in times of uncertainty.


Sentralen Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo

September 27th from 1 pm – 7 pm



  • Welcome to Sentralen!
  • Presentations from our speakers
  • Coffee breaks
  • Panel discussion and Q&A
  • Aperitif and drinks
  • Tapas and mingling




Charl Van Der Walt

Head of Security Research at Orange Cyberdefense (Groupe Orange)

Investing in the trust account – Building and maintaining trust when nothing is certain.

As the Head of Security Research at Orange Cyberdefense (part of Orange Group), throughout his capture narrative, Charl will emphasize the critical importance of public-private partnerships, information sharing, and cross-border collaboration in the fight against cybercrime. By highlighting the successes and lessons learned from Africa and few customer journeys through the world, Charl will inspire us to embrace innovative approaches, foster alliances, and constantly adapt in our pursuit of a secure digital ecosystem. 



Monica Verma

Group CISO | Head of Security and Privacy at Orange Business – Keynote speaker and Entrepreneur

A Story of Disruptive Innovation – How to Build Operational Resilience in Banking 

Next financial crises could very well be caused by a cyberattack. As Orange Business Digital Services Europe CISO, Monica will guide us through a journey understanding how cybersecurity and disruptive innovation such as AI influence the industry, what opportunities and risks they bring and how to build operational resilience, ultimately contributing to protecting customers, financial stability, safeguarding the interests of stakeholders and promoting trust in the banking industry. 



Dr. Tomas Eric Nordlander

Division Director at IFE – board member for leading European tech companies and a VC firm

History and hype of Artificial Intelligence

We traced its roots from Ramon Llull’s visionary thoughts in 1305, through the contributions of luminaries like Alan Turing and John von Neumann, culminating in the official coinage of the term “artificial intelligence” in 1956 at the Dartmouth conference. We navigated through the Cold War era, where the launch of Sputnik spurred funding for AI research until funding dipped following the ALPAC and the Lighthill report. We explored the era of Expert Systems and Japan’s 5th generation computing in the 1980s, which marked the start of IFE’s journey into implementing AI solutions for nuclear and Oil and Gas installations. We discussed the rollercoaster ride of AI, with periods of resurgence followed by winters, a challenge that plagues the AI research community. When funds flow, charlatans emerge, and when winter arrives, brilliant minds depart.


Yves Van Den Brande & Jérémy El Aïssaoui

Business & Decision – an Orange Company

With ever changing context and high customer expectation, the competitive heat is definitely on to the win the hearts, mind and wallet of the customer. But what should FSI companies do to the take lead and stay ahead in today’s world? What are exactly the new customer expectations and how can FSI companies address them? Join this presentation for inspiring industry insights on competitive CX strategies, with examples from leaders. Find out on the lasted digital & data capabilities that accelerate the time to market and lower the TCO of your CX initiatives. And finally, learn what physical limitations today’s AI capabilities we help us concur, on how to get ready for the future.

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