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Internal Infrastructure Assessments

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The heart of any organisation is undoubtedly its internal network and related services. Internal network assessments are often recommended following an external network assessment as a defence in depth approach. This however does not dilute its importance, but rather aims to balance the security posture of both networks.

The idea behind a defence in depth approach is that should any single control fail (be it from an external perspective, or any host internally) along the route to a target, another control could help mitigate, prevent or alert that an attacker is on the network. More often than not, organisations have a good external security posture but a weak internal posture. An analogy of a hard-external shell but squishy internals is often used to describe this. An internal network assessment aims to balance this, providing a realistic perspective of the current security posture should the external permitter be compromised.

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Key Benefits

  • Qualified real-world testing: Using a strict methodology, a thorough understanding of vulnerabilities from an attacker’s perspective, using both authenticated and unauthenticated perspectives, provides thoughtful insights into an organisations internal network thread landscape.
  • Reduced risk: Comprehensive reviews increase the chance of finding any security issues before a malicious actor does. Internal infrastructure assessments can easily be tailored to focus on mission-critical networks underpinning the business function of an organisation.
  • Systematic approach: We follow industry recommended practises to allow for consistently reproducible results as well as custom experience-led activities to demonstrate real world risk.

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